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When you hire a home cleaning service for “regular cleaning”, it usually involves your usual weekly cleaning tasks. The main purpose of regular cleaning is to maintain a certain level of cleanliness in your home. Generally, regular house cleanings cost less when compared to deep cleanings. However, since regular cleaning is more about maintenance, it is usually done on a schedule. For example, the cleaning service may come to your home once a week, every two weeks or once a month, depending on your needs. By leaving the dirty work to us, you'll provide a safe environment for your family and have more time to spend with them instead of cleaning. Feel free to choose how often you want your home to be kept spotless. Our team is ready to meet your needs


The main difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning is attention to detail. While regular cleaning is for cleaning maintenance, deep cleaning is much more extensive than standard cleaning. A deep cleaning can include everything that requires cleaning in your home, it is a top-down cleaning and typically takes twice as long as a regular cleaning service. Deep cleanses involve a thorough massage and attention to often neglected and hard-to-reach spots. Anything inside your home that can be reached will be cleaned. If we don't get rid of the old dirt, no matter how hard we try, simply removing the new dirt won't make your home shine. Most cleaning companies require a deep cleaning if you are a first-time customer. After that, you can set a schedule for regular cleanings.


No one can deny that moving is exhausting enough without having to clean your old or new place on your own. Specially when rental agreements require a spotless cleaning after you move-out with your security deposit on the check. Or when you sell your house and wish to welcome the new residents with a fresh and clear space after a detail cleaning. · Are you chilled just thinking how heavy cleaning it is? · Take easy! You don't have to be stressed with that. · Leave the dirty job to the smart cleaners. Targeting to make this moment easier for you and your family, we also can make a deep move-in cleaning on your new house. Then, you will find your freezer sanitized just to put your grocery inside of and you will be able to use your new bathroom with no germs like anyone had used it before. We personalize these services to attend your needs. In general, our Move-in/out cleaning covers: · Deep cleaning and sanitizing of the kitchen, including inside and outside of drawers, cabinets, shelves and, microwave. · Deep cleaning and sanitizing of the bathroom, including shower, toilets, bathtubs and, sinks. · Full cleaning of Bedrooms, inside closets, laundry room and, baseboards.


In construction, the quality of your work is fundamental to the happiness of your customers. But no matter how well designed or beautiful your new project is, the dust and debris left over from construction can make a bad first impression. That's where Torres Smart Cleaning's post-construction cleaning comes in.
  Smart cleaners will remove post-construction debris and dust from floors, walls, baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switch plates, doors, door hinges, indoor and outdoor kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and more.
  After this stage, your home or business will be ready to receive the professionals to install appliances, furniture and carpets.
Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate of your project.


Carpet cleaning is more than necessary. But, did you know that efficient cleaning really depends on professional service?
  This means that the cleaning we do at home is not enough to eliminate all the dirt that is impregnated in the fibers. Procedures carried out by professionals are carried out with suitable products and equipment for efficient cleaning.
Choosing Torres Smart Cleaning means you benefit from fast and efficient carpet cleaning. We make your rugs beautiful and smelling good with the most advanced products on the market. Best of all, our methods are safe for people and pets!


The pressure washing pros in our network specialize in all types of pressure washing projects. Make your outdoor surfaces showcase-worthy again with professional power washing.
Make it looks like new again:
Exterior floors and walls
Sidewalks and driveways 
Patios, Decks and Roofs.


Window washing is very important for any home or business that wants to make a good first impression. At Torres Smart Cleaning we have a team of highly trained and experienced window cleaners, and you can expect a high quality of service.

Solar panel conversion efficiency, typically in the 20% range, is reduced by the accumulation of dust, grime, pollen, and other particulates on the solar panels, collectively referred to as soiling. “A dirty solar panel can reduce its power capabilities by up to 30% in high dust/pollen or desert areas”, says Seamus Curran, associate professor of physics at the University of Houston and director of the Institute for NanoEnergy, which specializes in the design, engineering, and assembly of nanostructures. So, what’s the solution? There must be a way to get solar panels back to their original glory! There is! Torres Smart Cleaning can get your solar panels back to their former sparkling and efficient selves. Using state-of-the-art equipment that filters the water, we get solar panels perfectly clean and energy-efficient.


Did you know that excessive dirt, moss, and algae can cause damage to your roof, leading to costly repairs? Roof cleaning is the process of removing algae, mold, mildew, lichen and moss from roofs. Cleaning can extend the duration of a roof's ability to function. Algae and other types of build-up often form on the north and west parts of roofs that are shaded or receive less sun, and can reduce a roof's life expectancy. The presence of soot, dirt, or biomass can affect how much sunlight is absorbed by a roof and thus the amount of heat a building absorbs. Scheduling this work can minimize costly roof repairs. Scheduling this work can minimize costly roof repairs.



Keeping rain gutters clean is not only important for curb appeal, but it's also an essential and simple way to protect your home. A Torres Smart Cleaning offers a gutter cleaning service, which is an important part of any home maintenance plan and list. Keeping gutters clean and free of particles keeps them working properly. Clean gutters keep water away from your home and prevent damage.


The professional organizers of Torres Smart Cleaning achieve the goal of creating and maintaining organizational systems by teaching others the basic principles of the organization. As one of their main jobs, professional organizers help clients reduce excessive clutter (paper, books, clothing, shoes, office supplies, home decor items, etc.) in the home or in the office.


When trash becomes an eyesore, you need to hire a professional junk removal company to take care of the problem.  Nobody does a better job of trash removal than Torres Smart Cleaning. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all of our jobs. Everything that we haul away is always disposed of properly.

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